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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top Modeling Agencies in NYC for Kids – NINA LUBARDA FUTURE FACES NYC

Meet TOP CHILD MODEL GIAVONNA represented by NINA LUBARDA MODEL MANAGEMENT and kids division FUTURE FACES NYC. Giavonna is very successful child model represented by Future Faces NYC. She has appeared in prestigious magazines, fashion campaigns, fashion shows and magazine covers.
1. Show up. You would be very surprised how many people don’t show up for important agency’s meetings, requested castings and bookings. Great agency will focus on your child’s long term modeling career. You should be professional and responsive. Always call or inform your agency if you will be late. Try to be always on time but if you know you will be late call or text. It is always better to be honest. You don’t want to risk a great relationship with your child’s agent. When your child is booked for a job casting directors, photographers and producers made their decision. They confirmed your child. It is mostly a huge organization for photo shoots for kids campaigns as GAP. JOE FRESH, H&M, CARTER’S, HUGGIES, GERBER, LITTLE AKIABARA, J. CREW…so come on time. Bookings depend also on you if your child has been booked.
2. Be on time. You would be very surprised how many people show up late for important castings and bookings. Be on time for your booking. Prestigious brands work with professional agencies and expect professionalism from parents. Plan additional time as you cannot predict the traffic. Have some favorite items for your child. Sometimes there could be a waiting time during the shoot and your child should do something he/she likes but would not interrupt the shoot. Crayons and paper are a great idea.
3. Have a pleasant and cooperative attitude. You would be shocked how many promising careers never get off the ground because the parent(s) and/or the model likes to argue and complain. Be kind and nice. Never look as a stage parent asking too many questions or be too involved at the shoot. Be there to help if needed but casting directors and photographers work with your child. Your child should focus on their directions not yours. They will make all efforts to make your child happy for photos.
4. Always have up-to-date professional looking photographs and comp cards to show. Wishful thinkers often don’t think up to date photographs and comp cards are important but in the very competitive world of kids modeling, how you present yourself is everything and if you don’t present yourself professionally, real agents and clients simply WILL NOT take you seriously. If your child is a baby or very young you can take some sharp nice snapshots outdoor against the plain background. Do your best. Have in mind that casting directors would like to see your child’s face not disturbing background elements. Keep your child’s hair style simple, no glasses, accessories. Styling should be similar to GAP style. Plain colors and skinny jeans work best.
5.  Real agencies  “obtain, seek and procure” bookings for models. Always carefully review agency’s website before you’ll make any decision for your child. Do you see tear sheets? Do you see photos of any prestigious brands on children agency’s  website? Do you think majority of children  agency represents look as models? Does kids agency represent hundreds of kids or only very carefully selected children? Would you want your child to be one of hundreds of kids? Do you prefer personal attention and special dedication for your child? If any agency request payment to submit your child it is most likely a scam. They take money from hundreds of hoping parents. Professional agencies do not charge for submissions.

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